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      Our specialization in IT

      • Software developers (backend, frontend, web)
      • Mobile application developers (Android, iOS, Web app)
      • Microcontroller Programming
      • Information security specialists
      • Developers of artificial intelligence, neural networks
      • Development Automation Specialists (DevOps, SRE)
      • Robotics specialists UiPath, Blue Prism, NICE
      • Developers 1C, Bitrix, SAP, Axapta
      • DBMS developers (MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL)
      • Network and system engineers
      • Product and Project managers
      • Top management

      Our specialization in Digital

      • Digital Strategists
      • Director of Marketing and PR
      • Internet marketers, targetologists
      • Web Designers
      • SMM specialists
      • Email Marketers
      • SEO - optimizers
      • Web analysts, Internet analysts, digital analysts
      • Display Advertising Specialists
      • Digital Media Managers
      • E-commerce managers
      • Copywriters

      How we are working


      We are always talking to you, because we are not looking for a set of technologies, but for a person in your team


      We sign the contract within one working day


      Start searching immediately


      We adapt to your processes as much as possible


      We conduct interviews with each candidate


      We show only suitable specialists who meet all the requirements of the vacancy


      We keep people you like, we help beat off other people's offers


      Accompanying recruited candidates during the adaptation period


      We provide a guarantee of 3 months for each candidate

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      Loyalty program

      If you order the selection of specialists for 10 vacancies during the year, you automatically become a member of our company's loyalty program. This gives you the following benefits:

      You get a discount on agency services for the next year

      Your vacancies will be closed on a priority basis. The warranty period for you is increased by 2 times

      We will conduct a free analysis of the salary market for any of your vacancies

      We will provide you with free legal advice on labor law issues on the day of receipt of the request

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